The Baron turned away and screamed, "What is this abomination?!"

The Princess smiled. "Do you not like the colours? Do you not feel it evokes memories of computers past?"

The Baron slowly turned. "Tis not the ... GRAPHICS", he spat. "The gameplay. The gameplay! It is of the most rudimentary kind".

"You do not appreciate the challenge of making a game in a single hour. Reducing the gameplay to a single pure mechanic and foregoing such luxuries as audio and graphics? Quickly making a game based on a fevered recollection of a dream?"

The Baron started to laugh. "But it took almost as much time again to set up the store and create the basic title screen."

"I know, I know. But you act in this way because you are crap at it?"

"The Baron sat back slowly and paused. "... Yes" he finally revealed with a whisper.

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